Collaboration with Soprano Katerina Mina


I am delighted to announce my collaboration with amazing Soprano Katerina Mina. Katerina is a London based Greek-Cypriot soprano Katerina Mina, graduate of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, the winner in two international singing competitions and the recipient of the Russian Federation’s Medal for “Peace & Friendship”. We started our collaboration this week and within a few days, I was very impressed with her ethos and musicality.  Her voice is amazing coupled with excellent pitch and deep emotional content which comes across in her singing. Such talent is rare to find these days.
We started work on a series of arias, including “Non omnis moriar”, “Good night” and “That it will never come again” which we hope to record in 2017/2018.
Greg Anderson, writer/director of the film “The Transfer” says
“In the gifted and evocative voice of Katerina Mina, I have encountered the very essence of my film — a rare gift and an infinite pleasure for a director.”