My early compositions focused on string works, or piano trios. Since then I have composed and recorded Arias and now working on full symphonic works. Innovation is at the heart of everything I do. Here is a complete list of my compositions...

Tone poem( 2019 )

Transmutation - solo viola and full symphonic orchestra

Viola concerto ( 2019 )

Distant Horizons - solo viola and string orchestra

Choral ( 2019 )

Umar Khayyam's Rubaiyyat for SATB choir and string orchestra

Compositions ( 2018 )

The Cubists - String quartet
Orpheus- String quartet
The Ladder- String quartet
Dies Irae for solo Soprano and orchestra-Hastings Classical music festival as composer in residence
Duel in the desert - full symphonic orchestra for Hastings Classical music festival as composer in residence
Byzantium - full symphonic orchestra

Full Symphonic Orchestral compositions (2017- 2016 )

An Emperor’s dream – recorded with the BNRSO
Beneath calm waters – recorded with the BNRSO
Vespasian and the II Augusta – recorded with the BNRSO

String Orchestral compositions ( 2016 )

One dark night – recorded with BNRSO
Mission to Japan – recorded with BNRSO
The Quest – recorded with BNRSO
Borgo pass ( re-visited ) – recorded with BNRSO
The Rock – recorded with SSO
Bazaar days – recorded with BNRSO
I dream of you – recorded with BNRSO

Choral for SATB choir (2016)

A dirge – revisited
Spirit of delight
Catalus 101
Umar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat

String Orchestral compositions ( 2015 )

Bazaar days
Mica blue
Jo’s blue clouds
The sahara
Borgo Pass
Repton 5
The chase
The walled garden
The remnants of war
Sleep sweet child

Arias – Soprano and piano ( 2015 )

Love’s Philosophy
An Aria for Anjum
23rd Psalm
A nocturne for Eddie
A dirge
A picture of the sun

Orchestral ( 2014-2015 )

Vespasian and the II Augusta ( will be performed at the Hastings International composers festival )
Journey to Mars

SATB Quartet ( 2014 )

Sanctus/Agnus Dei
Kyrie Eleison
Laudate Dominum/Gloria
The 23rd Psalm
Love’s Philosophy
An Ode to Heaven
A midnight stroll
A dirge

Choral CD Chrysalis – (2013-2014)

Soprano and piano ( Christine Westhoff and Tim Allen )
An Aria for Fatimah – recorded and published
An Aria for Ayesha
Pie Jesu
A Prayer of Penitence
In Flanders Fields – recorded

String Quartet works – (2013) – performed by Bergersen Quartet

Clarity from fragmented memories
Human Enigma ( revised yet again!! )

String Quartet CD – (2013)

Priya’s Seasons – recorded and published

Piano trio works (2012)

Carnatic variations – 7 movements ( Bristol Ensemble )
Journey to the court of Kublai Khan ( Bristol Ensemble )
We shall never forget them – lament ( Bristol Ensemble )
Chaccone for Jo ( Piano Tableaux )
Forever in your arms
The inn at Borgo pass
Lost in Carpathian mountains
Meetings meetings – Passacaglia ( Bristol Ensemble )
Mother and baby
A walk in the clouds

Solo piano (2012)

Jazz variations – 9 movements ( Nadine Andre/Yllka Istrefi )

Piano + violin ( 2012 )

Chaccone in F
Chaccone in G

Solo violin ( 2012 )


String Quartet (2012)

Destination china

Piano + guitar + Clarinet ( 2012)

Gypsy dance
Peace in my lifetime

Violin concerto solo violin + string orchestra (2012)

Violin concerto in Bb – From Almaty to Mumbai

Choral works (2012)

Kyrie Elieson – SATB choir + Congos + Gamelan + string orchestra
Kyrie Elieson – SATB choir
Laudate Dominum – SATB choir + string orchestra
Pie Jesu – SATB choir + string orchestra

String Orchestra (2012)

Human Enigma ( revised again!! )
Yew tree Oast
The Raga variations/6 musical stories
– Marat’s Passion
– Jo’s Mondays
– A Tribute to Rajesh Khanna
– Walking the Long Mynd
– On the Shores of Java
– Khandala Ghats

Solo cello (2013)

Cello Dirge ( revised)

Piano concerto ( piano + string orchestra – 2013)

Joys of spring in Eb
Cantible in C
Passacaglia in A

Cello solo (2011)

Cello Dirge

Cello Duet (2011)

From the depths of the Jungle ( Noelle Casella )
From China to South Africa – Nocturne ( Brisol Ensemble )

String Orchestra (2011)

Human Enigma ( revised ) – Passacaglia D ( Kent Sinfonia, Bristol ensemble)
England my home – Passacaglia in C ( Kent Sinfonia )
Meeting Jo – Canon in E ( Kent Sinfonia )
Leaving behind – Lament ( Kent Sinfonia )
Hungarian dances ( also called Dances ) for solo violin + string orchestra
The road to Shangrila ( Harp + string orchestra )
Horn concerto in C ( solo horn + string orchestra + timps – 2011)
Violin concerto solo violin + string orchestra (2011)
Violin concerto in E – Sounds from the bazaar extended from solo violin and string orchestra ( Kent Sinfonia, Ten Tors Orchestra, Bristol ensemble )

Choral works (2011)

Laudate Dominum – SATB choir + Harp
Kyrie Elieson for SATB choir

Mystic thoughts CD – 13 pieces for string quartet (2010)

Mystic thoughts 5 movements
Sounds from the bazaar 3 movements
Leaving behind
Meeting Jo
Lost in the depths of her eyes
Human Enigma

Violin concerto solo violin + string orchestra (2010)

Violin concerto in G – Yosemite falls (Kent Sinfonia)