An emperor’s dream performed by the BNRSO
Beneath calm waters performed by the BNRSO
Vespasian and the II Augusta performed by the BNRSO
“I dream of you” performed by the BNRSO soloist is Jordan Dimitrov
My gothic piece “Borgo pass” performed by BNRSO
Action track “The Rock” performed by Sofia Session orchestra
Duel in the desert performed by BNRSO
My thriller “One dark night” – performed by the BNR Symphony Orchestra and recorded by Marco Streccioni conducted by Slav Slavtchev
Juno or Bost
Save China Tiger- Huwaa with her Mum
Christine Westhoff singing An aria for Fatimah slide show
Dance Ihayami video Blue Lotus music from Priya’s Seasons
Save China Tiger – Huwaa’s name announced
Save China Tiger – models video
Ian Peaston performs my Passacaglia
Vanguard theme
Vanguard trailer