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  • Web series 2
    From the pen of Greg Anderson comes the exciting new web series 2….. Grayson Newman awakens in an arid desert lake bed. Naked. No idea who […]
  • Desiderata
    Inspired by the beautiful poem by Max Erhmann’s Desiderata, here it is sung beautifully by the wonderful Soprano Katerina Mina My favourite words from the poem […]
  • Good night
    A piece dedicated to my daughters Natalie and Tabitha Madni, sung by the wonderful Soprano Katerina Mina  
  • Prayer of penitence
    Sung by the wonderful Soprano Christine Westhoff, this piece is dedicated to two dear friends of mine, Russel and Sian Pinchen, who looked after me one […]
  • The wobbly ladder – a microtonal String Quartet composition
    Since Arnold Schoenberg coined the phrase “Emancipation of dissonance”, composers have, unapologetically , deviated from conventional tonalism, which is no bad thing. However, whilst the 12 tone school […]

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