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  • Web series 2
    From the pen of Greg Anderson comes the exciting new web series 2…..now part of a multiverse comprising 4 stories Grayson Newman awakens in an arid […]
  • The rock
    A Passacaglia composed by me and recorded/performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra now called Four For Music  
  • Transmutation – the rise of Hemonra
    The image is only a placeholder. If you are a literary agent, or publisher, please note, I am completely open to changing this. Transmutation is a […]
  • Meditations – a microtonic symphonic tone poem
    Being alone surrounded by demons from our past can be extremely uncomfortable. The need to run away and indulge in activities that displace us from haunting […]
  • Douglas Jackson’s Valerius series
    For those of you that haven’t discovered the Valerius series of books by the writer Douglas Jackson, you are in for a real treat. Set around […]