April 21, 2012

Leaving behind

Divorce is one of the most painful things some of us sadly have to go through. The bitterness, the regret, the anger, rejection……worst of all having […]
April 9, 2012

Sounds from the bazaar – a new kind of violin concerto

Before I started work on my violin concerto, Sounds from the bazaar, iTunes (US), I had absolutely no idea I would ever write such a piece. It all […]
April 1, 2012

Mathematical modelling human response to music

This blog is my opinion. In no way do I represent the official scientific view on thissubject. Yes I do believe its possible to model human […]
March 31, 2012

Matthew Dahlitz

Twitter is a great medium for meeting people all over the world. Another fellow composer Kevin Stahl, introduced me to composer Matthew Dahlitz Matt’s voice is […]
March 30, 2012

Piano trios

A Piano trio comprises of a pianist, a violinist and a cellist. This combination of instruments allows the composer to explore interesting harmonic ideas, utilising the wonderful percussion […]
March 29, 2012

Carnatic music what is it?

This is my opinion, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. Every nation on this planet has a way of expressing how they […]