Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund

I am very pleased to be working with the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

This young marine, Will Chambers risked his life to save an injured girl, during a Taliban mortar attack. A charity after my own heart and run by professionals who understand what injured British Marines and their families need in terms of support.


Most of us have experienced some trauma in our lives be it divorce, job loss or bereavement. However, coming close to losing one’s life when there are bullets whizzing around and artillery bombardment.
Seeing your best friend being shot, whilst you were just talking to him a second ago, is beyond imagination. To make matters worse, past events like this in combat, are played over and over again in one’s mind ; not only images, but the entire experience, including how one felt at the time.
In spite of this, one sees true courage, like Will Chambers. Please support the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.  Thank you!!


– We shall never forget them