Beneath calm waters

The following video recorded with the lovely BNRSO, was a piece conceived back in 2004, when I knew little to nothing about orchestral scoring. Somehow, gothic imagery inspired this piece of music, which since 2004 has seen multiple revisions. Back in 2004, I wrote the whole piece on a relatively low tech keyboard….many years later after I taught myself scoring and counterpoint, I realised how the piece could be improved even further.
Even this recorded piece has now been significantly modified. The lovely Peter Byrom Smith, composer, wrote the following review

Having listened to ‘Beneath Calm Waters’ a number of times, I realised each time how much a wonderful and creative mind is at work here. From the subtle opening of harmonics on the strings, to the powerful introduction of brass – here is a composer totally in control of his craft.
The harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements of his music, introduced one by one, capture the listener and taking us into Ash Madni’s sound world – a journey of which, I for one, enjoyed tremendously. A real orchestral treat for anyone who loves great tunes, soulful harmony, and  hypnotic rhythms – this is an excellent piece of music.