When the notes fade away

The featured image was a photograph taken by me at a particularly beautiful location in Brendon, Exmoor, UK. The sound of the stream flowing was hypnotic, and after only a few seconds, all my worries simply faded away, rather like a lovely gentle piece of music which soothes us inside. For a just a few minutes, all our worries and cares of the world, fade into insignificance. But what happens, after the music stops? The gentle soothing disappears, replaced by the burdens that were dragging me down to submission. Of course, nothing stops me from playing the music again and put it on a repeat play until such time I have to stop listening.
The sad truth is that we are so immersed in the worries of the day and the next, we simply don’t make time for anything else, thus when the notes fade away we are left feeling as if we are being dragged back to reality. Then again, nothing stops us from frequenting a little escapism via the music world, at out choosing.