Sensa Marat Bisengaliev

Marat Bisengaliev is simply a sensational musician. No words
of mine could truly express his virtuosity..
Described by The New York Times …
He has taken to heart a style of playing that was a hallmark of violin virtuosity early in the century, and is only now coming back into favour after several decades in the shadow of a more drily rational style. 
In a recent blog in the New York Times..
To begin with, he will record the works of Ash Madni, a composer of Indian origin who lives in the UK.

Having one’s music performed and recorded by Marat Bisengaliev, is a huge honour. I look forward to hearing this recording/performance.

I first spoke to Marat some two years ago. In spite of his skill, I was amazed at how easy it was to speak to him. I affectionately call him “sensa”, and though we haven’t met yet, I feel I have known him for decades.