Scoring Greg Anderson’s web series “2”

Scoring Greg Anderson’s exciting new web series “2” required a re-think of choice of theme.  Over the last month or two Greg and I have been discussing type of sound track needed for “2” and we think we have settled on an interesting but simple theme. The image is that of the theme for “2” mixed in CUBASE 9.

Like any other composer will certify, the script and the back story are central to any theme. Most good themes have an ear worm and like any good music, are independent of genre. Relying on the brains ability to sample and hold sound, the hold depending on how good the theme is, the director can exploit visuals and sound to create that “can’t get enough” feel for the audience. For example, if I say Darth Vader, the first thing that goes through my mind is John Williams’ Imperial march theme. Wonderfully orchestrated piece of music which fits “Darth Vader” to such a “T” the piece, costume, video footage of Darth Vader have become iconic.
So here is the thing… doesn’t need to be full symphonic. Listen to Dave Porter’s theme for “Breaking Bad”, slide guitar with flanged drums with bass guitar on top fits the series perfectly. In fact from the theme itself, its evident drugs are involved. Whilst that sounds simple, its very difficult to “marry” key character or plot concepts from the script to the music and this is where the composer’s creative skills are tested.
So where does the director fit in? The director is central to the entire creative process, visuals and sound have to work really well together and sometimes, the director’s view of a particular film cue can make all the difference. Greg outlined a few key concepts to me, whilst I was scoring the theme for “2” and these are my go to check lists.