My arias

I have adopted a simple approach for my arias…diatonic melodies sung by fantastic Sopranos. Thus far, I have composed over 20 arias, using lyrics from Percy Shelley, Emily Dickinson, Max Erhmann and the Great Spirit Prayer. Nearly all of these pieces are dedications to family and close friends.
I have fortunate to be granted such wonderful family and friends, thus I can only express my gratitude via my music.
Why Percy Shelley? Well read the words from his beautiful poem Love’s Philosophy and ask….can anyone more beautiful words than this to describe true love…

The fountains mingle with the river  
   And the rivers with the ocean, 
The winds of heaven mix for ever 
   With a sweet emotion; 
Nothing in the world is single; 
   All things by a law divine 
In one spirit meet and mingle. 
   Why not I with thine?— 
See the mountains kiss high heaven 
   And the waves clasp one another; 
No sister-flower would be forgiven 
   If it disdained its brother; 
And the sunlight clasps the earth 
   And the moonbeams kiss the sea: 
What is all this sweet work worth 
   If thou kiss not me? 

First Chyrsalis with Christine Westhoff

Then Non Omnis Moriar with Katerina Mina