Emily Dickinson’s “Heaven has different signs to me”

Emily Dickinson’s poem “Heaven has different signs to me”, is a beautiful poem. The lyrics clearly illustrate Emily’s vivid imagination and her skill at crafting her thoughts into prose.

As Emily says…..

A mighty look runs round the World
And settles in the Hills—
An Awe if it should be like that
Upon the Ignorance steals—

I am not sure what Emily intended and I am not a scholar. Perhaps she wanted to point out the beauty of nature, so one could meditate on that, rather than simply look without awe and wonder. Its easy to look in ignorance of the beauty that surrounds us.

The third stanza,

The Orchard, when the Sun is on—
The Triumph of the Birds
When they together Victory make—
Some Carnivals of Clouds—

We see birds, orchards, blue skies all the time. Yet marveling at the beauty our eyes behold is sometimes lost to us…we are plagued with issues of tomorrow and lost to the here and now. If only we could live in the moment, rather than live a life of tomorrows.