Comfort zone

In these difficult modern times, we are constantly faced with change. Change in use of technology, society, the workplace….and change within ourselves.

These changes imply displacement from our comfort zone, which in itself sounds painful and plagued with difficulty.
An instant change is an unrealistic expectation, however, a small step wise approach will, in the long term, pay off. A bit like training for a marathon…..the runner builds her/his stamina over a period of time to achieve their target of time, speed and distance. One doesn’t achieve this in a day.
However, state of mind and determination to succeed will help with gradual displacement from the comfort zone to the space required. Again, in the case of our marathon runner, she/he may find the initial training difficult, exhausting. However, her/his need to achieve the goal of time, distance, will drive her/him forwards, until the end result is achieved.

When we realize change is required, me need to implement strategies that enable this in a gradual manner. Of course, all this assumes that we accept the need for change in the first place, rather than a state of complacency.
Perhaps we should approach this by measuring how much is gained by the change and how much is lost by not. If we can do this by divorcing our feelings from our thought processes, we might just feel the necessity to start the process of change.