A viola concerto for Brett Douglas Deubner

Recently I had the privilege of speaking to the brilliant violist Brett Douglas Deubner. We spoke at length about his wonderful playing, music and my compositional style . Brett was interested in my East West blend formula, and so

I have completed composing a tonal viola concerto written specially for Brett. The concerto will use a blend of styles in one complete movement, including my East West formula, for solo viola and string orchestra. I have decided to call the piece “Distant horizons” . The musical inspiration for the piece comes from my all time favourite composer, the great Miklos Rosza.
Distant horizons, is an allegory about an explorer that starts from the West making her journey to the East, discovering the sounds and sights of exotic cultures. During the journey she encounters not only new cultures but discovers her true self.
She chooses to start her journey by see, in order to appreciate the hardships experienced by travellers in bygone years.
Here are a few videos to watch

Main melody link

Middle section link

Indian section


You can watch real recordings and conversations between Brett and myself, on our facebook page