Web series 2

From the pen of Greg Anderson comes the exciting new web series 2…..now part of a multiverse comprising 4 stories

Grayson Newman awakens in an arid desert lake bed. Naked. No idea who he is, how or why he got there, where he was headed, or why he was left there alone. Around him: bottled water, some enigmatic trinkets, ill-fitting clothes. Artifacts of a life. His life? He couldn’t tell you.On his wrist, a tattoo-looking stamp: a iconic, unexplained “2”.
So opens our story.
The story of “2”.

Greg has an extensive background in the creative and business aspects of motion picture production. An MFA graduate of the
prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Mr. Anderson is a veteran of both studio (Warner Bros. and
Universal studios) and independent production.
Musically, the theme tune had to be electronic, to bring in ambient elements of location and interesting characters

Here is the theme tune to “2”.