Vanity’s sake

Inspired by the comical nature of vanity and the internal struggle to enforce one’s opinion over others, such that one is always perceived as top of the pile, I decided to write a symphonic piece and call it “Vanity’s sake”.  Interestingly, Vanity is tantamount to a peacock strutting itself….Look at me, see how wonderful I am. I think you will agree with me, it looks completely ridiculous, yet we see  Vanity daily, appearing in all its forms. If we are honest with ourselves, I dare see we see it in ourselves too!

In meetings where one person exerts their opinion and refuses to hear the views of others, or perhaps in a discussion between 2 people where one person must win the argument, or in a pub over a few pints of beer a group of friends fall into a debate, and one of the friends’ view is so strong, it overwhelms the argument until no one speaks for a short while…..isn’t this also a form of vanity?

The composition uses elements of tonality, though heavily dissonant in parts.