Matthew Dahlitz

Twitter is a great medium for meeting people

all over the world. Another fellow composer
Kevin Stahl, introduced me to composer
Matthew Dahlitz

Matt’s voice is unique as his composition style
Listening to his music, is like listening to your heart. One feels at ease and drawn in to the music, trusting Matt to take you on a journey of peace.

His music is a direct reflection of his personality…..reflective, gentle, pacifying and stoichal. His composition “Gates of Grace” is an example of his deeply moving work. Sit back, close your eyes and just…….listen. Let your heart speak to you through Matt’s music.
Matt describes his music has a “Musical transliteration” of the ancient Hebrew
and Greek scriptures. He goes on to say
“The fundamental starting point, the inspiration, and a lot of the material for my works are sourced directly from the alpha/numeric nature of the original languages. Other inspiration for my compositions come from the usual surface understanding of scripture, or if I’m doing a commission for someone, I’ll take key elements of that persons life and passions to create an orchestral expression
You can buy Matt’s music on iTunes

I look forward to hearing more of Matt’s work with live Orchestra.