James Owen – film director

If you come across the name James Owen, the mastermind behind the exciting new British film Vanguard, you might be wondering exactly who he is. For a start this is what he looks like…


A mild mannered consultant knee surgeon. But what you don’t know yet is his amazing ability and innate talent to self learn the art of film direction.
When I first met James back in June of 2016, I was immediately impressed with him. He spoke like a veteran film director and I thought to myself, this is a guy I would really like to work for and so when he signed me on as the composer for Vanguard, I was thrilled.
Now three months on, we have secured the amazing Hollywood management firm Brillstein Entertainment partners, nearly completed the trailer and soon we shall get the ball rolling on the funding the feature film Vanguard. Exciting times…..watch this space!