The Emperor’s Dream

My Symphonic short “An Emperor’s dream” was inspired by Stephen Lawhead’s “The Celtic Crusades” during the time of the reign of Alexios Komnenos in the 11th century. It was a momentous time in history of the Byzantine empire and the beginning of the massacre that was called the first crusade. When we look back now over all those centuries, and scrutinize the sad state of human kind, are we any better off today, or is the quest for peace simply “An emperor’s dream”?


Back then it was a case of using face to face combat….now combat can be remote. We have just got better at killing ourselves.
Can we not marvel at the wonderful contributions of humankind over the centuries all over the world, rather than focusing on our differences?
In terms of the music itself, I have implemented brass techniques from the master John Williams. Counterpoint, counterpoint!
Here it is with the BNRSO under the baton of maestro Slav Slavtchev. Video to follow shortly….