Matthew Dahlitz

Ash Madni is an innovative fresh new voice

in the classical world having recently released
his debut album “Mystic Thoughts” – 13 pieces
for string quartet, performed by the Monzi
Quartet. His approach is a weave of East and Western classical sounds in what can be described as a truly new voice. Having spent his early childhood in the Middle East and then moving to the UK, Ash has the audio experience to draw on both worlds and fuse them together in his own unique way.

I love his lively, and intricate weave of pulsating rhythms and ornamented lyrical lines. This is by no means simplistic music, yet Ash remains transparent and altogether accessible to the Western ear. I find his work easily evokes images and certainly stimulates your mind to go places as you listen. The writing for Mystical Thoughts is maturely articulate for the string quartet, and I was surprised to find out that, for the most part, Ash is self taught.
If you are looking for a new fresh voice in the classical world, then Ash Madni is a composer who has found a unique voice that I’m sure will become a very popular one. Knowing what Ash can do with a string quartet, I would love to hear what he can do with the more expansive canvas of the symphony orchestra. Time will tell.