New Frontiers Part 1

When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, she has had no idea that her powerful ghost story could one day become reality. Yes, we can’t bring someone back from the grave, but in terms of transplanting organs, this is certainly a reality. More complex organs, currently cannot be transplanted, such as the brain etc. But one day  Mobile communications require the use of a handheld phone, but imagine if radio signals could be beamed directly to a sensor attached to the brain? You could simply think of calling someone, and you would be connected. Take this to the next logical step.
What if TV signals could be beamed directly to a sensor? We could see TV without the need of a flat screen. We would be able to see TV in our minds.

This is definitely a futuristic application of communications technology. But think on it though. If we could read and interpret brain signals, a whole world of applications opens to us.
For the composer, the ability to accurately predict human behavior means crafting music to suit a particular mood. We can do this now, however, the exact dynamics of mood is something of a mystery. If the ability to accurately predict human behavior becomes possible, composition is no longer an art form… becomes a science.

indeed, if brain signals could be interpreted and signals could be sent to the brain, another applications would be behavioral control….okay now we are really into the realms of ethics!
Assuming the Military decided not to exploit such as science, your GP could listen to your symptoms of behavioral issues, hook you up to a machine, press a button and hey presto! You walk away from the surgery cured of Vertigo, or perhaps your addiction to cigarettes  removed.

Returning to Medical science, imagine if Medicine advanced to the point where life can be extended, by means of transplant technology, or microscopic robots, or nanobots, injected into the human body, to carry out non invasive surgery. The robots would be programmed to carry out a specific set of surgical instructions. When the surgery is complete, robots could be extracted……sounds impossible doesn’t it? A bit Scifi? Sure, but someday, this might become a reality. The outler limits aired this concept back in 1995.