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  • The ladder – new String Quartet composition
    After 6 months of multiple ideas on how to proceed on a new pandiatonic piece, I settled on the opening motif for “The ladder”. The ladder […]
  • An aria for Ayesha
    About 5 years ago, I decided to compose a piece for my eldest daughter, Ayesha, for her wedding day, so that we could play the music […]
  • We shall never forget them
    It will soon be remembrance day. So many of our soldiers have lost their lives in service of Queen and country, leaving behind grieving families. An […]
  • Inspiration for my Dies Irae
    Last week on the 21st of September, at the International Composers Festival, my Dies Irae for solo Soprano, sung by the wonderful Katerina Mina and full […]
  • My arias
    I have adopted a simple approach for my arias…diatonic melodies sung by fantastic Sopranos. Thus far, I have composed over 20 arias, using lyrics from Percy […]

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