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  • Modulus Quartet review
    Modulus Quartet review of 9th of June 2017 concert in Oxford at Ovada. The Modulus quartet are going from strength to strength both from a live […]
  • The rock
    A Passacaglia composed by me performed by Sofia Session Orchestra
  • Hans Zimmer Masterclass overview
    Imagine if you will, sitting at your desk, with the comforts of home, with a steaming mug of tea and listening to one of the greatest […]
  • Cubism and pandiatonicism
    Inspiration comes from multiple sources, but for me, its usually something I have seen. I recently went to an exhibition where I came across the works […]
  • Inspiration for Vanguard trailer music
    If you haven’t seen James Owen’s Vanguard trailer, you really ought to. I can’t give anything away about the plot, but suffices to say that James […]

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