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  • Musicians for Greg Anderson’s “2” Webseries
    Its always exciting to work with musicians I have known and collaborated with for several years. Delighted to be working with both the Modulus Quartet and […]
  • I dream of you
    In the heat of the day, under the shelter of a tree, I sit down and look across to the lake in front of me. A […]
  • The Cubists – part 2
    Finally after nearly 6 months, the Cubists, 3 movements named Picasso, Braque and Gleizes, are now completed. Gleizes went through multiple revisions, until finally I decided […]
  • Beneath calm waters
    The following video recorded with the lovely BNRSO, was a piece conceived back in 2004, when I knew little to nothing about orchestral scoring. Somehow, gothic […]
  • When the notes fade away
    The featured image was a photograph taken by me at a particularly beautiful location in Brendon, Exmoor, UK. The sound of the stream flowing was hypnotic, […]

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