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  • Borgo Pass
    Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the following piece was composed to commemorate iconic Gothic Horror. The cave…its dark. Rays from the moon light passage of the […]
  • Scoring Greg Anderson’s web series “2”
    Scoring Greg Anderson’s exciting new web series “2” required a re-think of choice of theme.  Over the last month or two Greg and I have been […]
  • Duel in the desert
    A piece dedicated to my brother Anjum Madani for his inspiring words over the years.Performed by the BNRSO, conducted by maestro Christo Pavlov, video courtesy Marco […]
  • Non Omnis Moriar
    We have completed the recordings of Non Omnis Moriar. Attached is a sample of 8 tracks with Soprano Katerina Mina, pianist Nadine Andre and Guitarist Jonathan Hill.   […]
  • The Cubists
    Inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso and Albert Gleizes , I have composed a double movement string quartet named after these two giants. Picasso pictured left […]

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